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Latest UK Energy News

Latest Price Rises

BG: 9.2% effective January 1st 2014

EON: 3.7% effective January 15th 2014

SSE: 8.2% effective November 15th 2013

EDF: 3.9% effective January 3rd 2014

SP: 8.6% effective December 6th 2013

Npower:10.4% effective December 1st 2013


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Here we go again ! Huge price hikes by the big six energy companies and the only way to stop it hurting you in the pocket is to Fix or cap your prices NOW, dont forget all the best and lowest price ones get snapped up and closed off quickly ,also remenber Fixed is just fixed at a set price but Capped stops it going up but it can come down if prices drop lower than your capped level.

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There are now various offers from all the large suppliers to make your property more energy efficient for example -energy monitors for checking electricity use,loft insulation to stop your heat simply rising through your property , cavity wall insulation to make your property warmer and the best bit is most are Low cost or FREE so once you have switch with us to a better deal contact your new supplier for all the latest offers , do it today and increase your Savings ..

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Gas and electricity price comparison

At a time when energy companies are hiking their prices up, you need an independent place to compare gas prices, and you've found it right here. It seems there isn't a week that passes without a news item informing us of the need to compare gas and electricity prices due to the constant rise in costs, so if you are thinking of changing your supplier make sure you use to compare and switch supplier.

Energy price comparison - how does it work?

How does it work? It really is simple. We compare energy prices from every supplier, which means that our service really is independent and impartial. If you want to compare electricity prices or any utility price comparison, this is the place to do it. Once you have found a better deal than you have with your current supplier, we can take care of the switchover, which means you don't have to worry about the transfer process.


Compare energy prices and avoid fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is a real issue for tens of thousands of people in Britain, but you can take steps to avoid getting caught in this trap by using our energy price comparison. There was a time when it was thought that only the most vulnerable in society experienced fuel poverty, but with the energy companies raising their prices so often, this is something more and more of us are dealing with. There are many ways in which you can make your home more cost efficient this winter, even before you begin to look at the utility price comparison options.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that through a combination of making sure your home is equipped to retain heat, and using this site to compare energy prices, you will be able to save money. Begin at the top of the house, and look at the lagging in the loft. You'd be surprised by how many homes do not even have the loft insulated, but this is essential. If the insulration is old, consider having it replaced. The next things to consider are the windows. If they are looking a bit worse for wear, you don't have to spend a fortune on making them more efficient when it comes to retaining heat. Talk to your local DIY store and they will be able to offer advice on this, and you'll have taken another step towards saving money on bills.

Once you are certain that you have done everything possible to make the house more efficient, it's time to start your utility price comparison.

Utility price comparison the easy way!

If you attempt to carry out your own utility price comparison, this can be a long and tedious process. For example, if you want to compare gas prices it will mean you have to trawl through all the online sites of the energy suppliers, and the same applies if you want to compare electricity prices. This is why many people have tended to stick with their supplier, no matter how many times the prices are raised, because they feel it is too complicated to compare energy prices themselves. Thanks to our service, this job is made much easier, so you can look through the site and compare energy prices yourself all in one place, rather than spending hours checking each individual website. There are better deals out there and our utility price comparison will help you to find them, which will reduce your chances of being in fuel poverty this winter.

Do you want to compare electricity prices?

Although the majority of consumers use gas to heat their homes, many people use oil or electricity. If you are one of those people who have electric storage heaters, you'll be well aware that this can be a costly way to heat the home, so the opportunity to compare electricity prices will be welcome. You can do that right here, and it works in the same way as it does to compare gas prices. In fact the utility price comparison is the same for all energy and utilities, which means all you have to do is find a better deal, and leave the rest to us. Of course, you could always do it yourself and spend the whole day - or even longer - looking at the various prices and tariffs, but why do that when everything you need compare energy prices is right here at


So whether you are looking to compare utility prices, compare electricity prices or compare gas prices here are we make it our aim to provide you with the information and resources that you need to make informed decisions about which energy supplier is best for you.


* 10% of customers switching their energy bills with energyhelpline between 11th Oct and 13th Nov 2013 saved £370 or more. Survey of over 20,000 switches.